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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Opinions expressed are those of the advertisers. Arizona Mining: Vital Industry, Vibrant Future Arizona Mining and Industry Get Our Support (AMIGOS) Arizona Mining Association (AMA) Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA) All photos courtesy of the respective associations. October 31, 2016 | A1

Arizona Mining: Vital Industry, Vibrant Future

A Message from Arizona Mining and Industry Get Our Support (AMIGOS)

AMIGOS. Friends. Founded more than 40 years ago, AMIGOS stands for Arizona Mining and Industry Get Our Support. And that’s what we, the members of AMIGOS, do—we support mining. We re-earn the moniker “The Mines’ Best Friends” every day by providing the best of the best in goods and services to mines close to home and around the globe.

Over the years, AMIGOS members have come up with amazing state-of-the- art technologies so that mines can create wealth and quality of life. And we, AMIGOS, are pretty good at creating quality of life, too. Our members employ tens of thousands of our Arizona friends and neighbors in high-paying jobs with good benefits. We are committed to a long and prosperous future for mining in our state.

AMIGOS members are an important collection of firms that are working on projects worldwide yet have a strong employment presence in Arizona. Our members include heavy equipment and machinery suppliers, engineering and construction firms, manufacturers, transportation and logistics firms, tire dealers, chemical companies, mining and environmental consultants, insurers, steel suppliers and much more. We are a job-creation engine.

While we do work throughout the world, mining must continue to thrive here at home. Our members will do all that we can to get new projects like Rosemont, Resolution Copper, Florence Copper, Hermosa and others up and running. We will continue to support longtime Arizona stalwarts like Freeport- McMoRan and ASARCO. And we will continue to help our member companies become known in this industry in order to thrive themselves.

We are the ground troops that the mines can count on at public comment hearings, scoping meetings or legislative sessions. When mining calls, we, AMIGOS, are there—in force. We are the suppliers who give back to the industry by which we make our living. If you are a supplier, join us! As a member, you will have opportunities to interface with top decision makers at the mines. You will gain recognition within the industry. Our online buyers’ guide at will be a great tool for you.

Members tell us that they count AMIGOS membership as one of their best business decisions. Mining executives continually thank us for being in their corner. As Manuel Ramos, president of ASARCO, wrote, “I urge you to make an investment in the future of our industry by joining AMIGOS.”

We are more than 300 of the best of the best in mining suppliers. We are AMIGOS. We invite you to be one, too. For membership information, call 602-279-3199 or visit

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