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“Honey, I think the furnace just went out.” It’s 3 a.m. and your customer’s furnace just went out. Are you certain they will call you? You installed the equipment, you’ve serviced it in the past, and now, your customer needs you the most. So they’ll call you because this is YOUR customer, right? The sobering fact is only 48% of homeowners will call you again. And, after more than two years, only 8% will call! For a demonstration of how the Talking Thermostat works, go to our web site or call toll free 1-877-428-9629 for more information. Don’t let your customers go to the phone book! Install the Talking Thermostat with every install, every service call ... every chance you get. You’ll lock out your competition and you’ll get the call ... every time! No longer will your customers look around for labels or stickers, and you can forget about refrigerator magnets, they just DON’T work. The Talking Thermostat DOES work! With a push of a button, your customers HEAR your company name and telephone number. Plus, the thermostat can even be pre-programmed to remind them of system service intervals! The patented Talking Thermostat has been successfully implemented across the country for years as a sales and marketing system that simply works. It locks in the customer AND the home to your company for life. It’s your “Service Call on the Wall” that will generate service calls, leads and sales during the slow seasons and when your customer needs you the most! Call BuyMax today at 877-428-9629 and ask for Dave Benson to learn how this sales and marketing system can increase your company’s business and stop the dreaded Yellow Pages roulette that you and the consumers despise. Be certain your customers call you first by calling us today.

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