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$57 MILLION in Advertising for YOUR Benefit! You’re constantly trying to think of new ways to get your name out in the public. Maybe, you’ll place an ad in the paper, or maybe, you’ll run a few radio spots. Or maybe, you’ll plaster your company name across Times Square? What? “That kind of exposure isn’t in my budget?” Well, it could be. More than $57 million in marketing has been invested to make One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning™ one of the fastest growing HVAC franchises in the world. Every day new homeowners are notic- ing the One Hour® name and becom- ing customers for life. If you’re an ambitious contractor who wants to grow your business by leveraging the advertising power of an emerging national brand, it’s time to explore your franchise opportunities with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Call 866-684-3011 or visit us at to find out more information on how you can become dominant in your market- place as a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Then, just maybe, instead of people seeing your com- pany logo on the outfield wall of a minor league ballpark, millions will see it in Times Square… or even featured on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice next year! this year! Call 866-684-3011 or visit Leverage

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