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From Friends by Kyle GARGARO see. Holland was one of the charter groups as One Hour was kicked off in Omaha, Neb. “Th ere are two ways you can do it. You can do everything yourself and try to figure everything out on your own as an indepen- dent,” Holland said. “Or, you can join forces with an organization that includes hundreds of other contractors. An organization where everybody has the same message and logo.” FROM WRENCH TURNER TO BUSINESSMAN Th ere are many items from One Hour that helped Holland transform from a wrench turner to a businessman, among them: phe- nomenal training programs, software that helps him crunch his numbers, and 300 oth- er contractors that he can constantly bounce ideas off of at any time. Holland now has six territories inWiscon- sin. Th e company started in Milwaukee and then got another territory right outside of Milwaukee.A while later, Holland had an op- portunity to expand into the Green Bay area. Sales volume has doubled since he joined in 2003. It went from $2 million to $4 million. “In 2003, we completely exited new con- struction and commercial. What we found is when we just focused on residential service and replacement, our revenues got healthier, and we could do it with less people — pretty interesting concept.” But Holland is not just taking from One Hour, he is also giving. One way he is help- ing the organization grow is by hosting Dis- covery Days. He has invited more than 100 HVAC and plumbing contractors to come to his business and see if they would like to join the One Hour family. Some might see this as turning over a piece of the pie to his competi- tion. Holland sees it as adding another mem- ber of the team to the cause. “I would love more One Hours and Ben Franklins in Wisconsin. It would help with cross-marketing, sharing marketing costs, sharing training, etc.,” Holland said. And what would Holland say to those who are considering? “Give up the fi ght before the fi ght is over. Give up the fi ght while you have a chance. If you are an independent guy out there — a small or medium shop — I don’t know if they will be able to weather the storm. I don’t think new construction is coming back any- time soon. I don’t think they will be able to compete with an organization like ours as we continue to grow,” Holland said. TIME TO PLAY Now the guy who had nary a penny to his name and was working 24-7 has a decidedly diff erent lifestyle. In fact, he took 1½ years off from the business. Yes, you read that right. “I was out playing. If you want to make money and have more freedom, then join One Hour. I have more freedom and more 29 money than I ever had,” Holland said. “The biggest freedom is that I can work on my business and not in my business. I have a team. I will be leaving for a week, and I know it is fi ne because the company will function as a teamwithout me.” “I remember working seven days a week. It was a hot July in 1997 when my first daughter was born, and I couldn’t even pick up my wife and fi rst child at the hospital when they were ready to come home because I was out run- ning service calls. Also, I remember having my wife deliver Th anksgiving dinner to the jobsite two years in a row,” Holland said. But with the help of One Hour, Holland is now traveling with the entire family for some relaxation and fun. And inWisconsin, that means traveling up north. In addition to hunting, the outdoorsmen is spending his time like any true Wisconsinite would want to: snowmobiling, fi shing, and golfing. And withthe second home innorthernWis- consin and free time to burn with a competent management team helping his business run smoothly, Holland is living the dream. Not bad for a guy who was merely trying to get out of a hole only a few years ago. TSC

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