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true, but more oft en than not, owners need only look within at the opportunities they already have to fi nd the answers.” With regard to One Hour, Wilson said sales can most easily be increased by first training your technicians. “Th ey should be able to off er a diverse number of products such as IAQ, Service Plans, and Air Flow so- lutions to a client, and be well-trained on the benefi ts to that client,” he said. “Our techni- cians are really more like consultants that are trained not only from a technical aspect, but more importantly from a customer service perspective. Th is allows technicians to in- crease their average ticket, bringing in more revenue for the company, all by doing the best thing for the client, and by just keeping their eyes open. Th is almost ‘magically’ drives up profi ts because there is little overhead associ- ated with an increased service ticket.” Wilson plans to use the same selling principles to continue to grow the Mister Sparky business. DO THE RIGHT THING Franchising with Mister Sparky was the right thing to do for Jim Wilson. At his offi ce or standing by a company truck, Jim Wilson, owner and gen- eral manager of Mister Sparky in Baton Rouge, La , has forged a success- ful electrical enterprise “Franchising as a whole has allowed me to spend more time with my family and less time in the office,” he said. Because of the people Jim Wilson has put in place within his business, he is able to leave and come back, normally without a single hiccup. “I credit the franchise systems and OpX for guiding me through the years to cre- ate a professional place of business that vir- tually runs on its own,” he said. “Going into 2010, we would like to continue to build our brand awareness in our marketplace through various marketing outlets. Additionally, we would like to further streamline our service and repair, as well as our Home Standby gen- erator divisions through such efforts.” Most recently, Wilson won the “Fastest Growing” Mister Sparky franchise award for 2009. “It now sits next to our “Fastest Growing” One Hour award from 2005,” Wilson noted. “We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time since joining Mister Sparky in early 2008. TSC If You’ll Spend 33 Minutes a Day with SuccessWare®21- Then I’ll Work a Financial Miracle in Your Business! More than 875 of the most successful contractors in America already use SuccessWare®21 Business Software to manage every aspect of their business. Call Taking, Dispatching, Invoicing, Purchasing, Inventory, Remote Solutions and Reporting are just the beginning Let me show you how I can work a Financial Miracle in your business. Call TimMcGuire, Director of Sales and Marketing at SuccessWare today at 716-565-3500 27 716-565-3500

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