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about $2.3million in sales each year since 2006, and I am able to live the life I want every day.” In 2006, while experimenting with the Home Standby Generator business, Wilson met Carl Beasley of Beasley’s Electric, who worked closely with him in installation of the generator systems. “Carl later did the electrical work for my new building, and he shared with me his frustrations in the steadily declining new construction business,” Wilson said. “Knowing Carl to be a quality operations person, we explored the opportunity of transforming his once new construction electrical business into a residential service retail business.” Living near the Gulf Coast with consis- threats from hurricanes, Wilson and tent Beasley were able to identify a need in the marketplace for an amazing number of home standby generators. “Aft er tweaking some advertisements and training, my comfort advisors from the a/c side, we were able to put together a program for homeowners in our area,” Wilson said. TWO BETTER THAN ONE Already being familiar with the Clockwork Home Services franchise opportunity asa One Hour A/C, Wilson said he looked at the Mis- ter Sparky opportunity and made the decision to form a partnership and to become Mister Sparky No. 64. “Th e real opportunity here was to first identify ourselves as specialists; sales, service, train our install crews; and then de- velop a service and maintenance program that would link that client along with their repair and future replacement needs to Mis- ter Sparky,” Wilson said. “We have thus far been successful, and the future is bright for this division of our business.” Now, being a dual franchise — both One 22 Hour and Mister Sparky — has given Wil- son’s company a unique opportunity to share his client base. “We currently have 941 club memberships (service plans) in place with our One Hour,” he said. “Th is allows us to speak to hom- eowners about their electrical needs, pass out literature, and introduce our Mister Sparky company to them.” Nearly one-third of Wilson’s service leads for Mister Sparky come from this crossover marketing. “We also have sold numerous HVACreplacement jobs to ourMister Sparky clients and generators to our One Hour cli- ents,” he said. “It is taking time, but we will eventually get Mister Sparky up there with our One Hour in sales.” Much of Wilson’s overhead is shared, particularly in the call taking and book- keeping areas. “This has allowed us to somewhat streamline our overhead and make both companies more profitable,” Wilson said. When it comes to increasing sales rev- enue,Wilson said owners oft en don’t look in the right places. “We, as owners, oft en complain that we do not have enough sales because the phone isn’t ringing enough,” he said. “Th is is sometimes Continued on Page 27 WINTER 2010 • THE SUCCESSFUL CONTRACTOR For a period of 12 months from Septem- ber 2008 to August 2009 when the company was running full steam, Wilson sold and in- stalled $966,841 in home standby generators in his area. “Now, that was nice, but we had to make a true commitment to get into the generator business,” he said.

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