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GROWING STRONGER does your customer. Everyone fromWal-Mart to industry trade T your team. Rebecca Cassel, president of Clockwork’s CHECK OUT THE BULLDOG BuyMax™ began as an organization serving Plumbers’ Success International (PSI) and AirTime 500 in 2000, both Clockwork Home Services companies. As Clockwork expand- ed their offering and started a franchise di- vision, adding One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating®, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, and Mr. Sparky Electric to the Clockwork family, the interest and popularity in the BuyMax program catapulted. Obviously, with more members has come more buying power within BuyMax. The buying group currently has 1,463 members that represent Contractors Success Group (CSG) division said, “We move more in purchases than any other contracting organization today. In 2008, BuyMax processed more than $380 million in purchases through our vendors. BuyMax Alliance will be launched as part of a four-city road show to meet contractors around the country. Each member pays a $79 monthly mem- bership fee to access national discounts, sav- ings, and preferred pricing, an investment that has a money-back guarantee if you don’t save more than your annual ment, said Cassel. invest- “There is a good feeling working with the people at BuyMax. It’s like having a bud- dy across the counter at the parts center,” said Dean. Cassel summed it up this way, “Our vision is to be the largest independent contractor as- sociation for the home services industry that provides buying clout and purchasing power for the small- to medium-size contractor.” For more information, interested con- tractors can send an e-mail to savemoney@, and receive three $79 coupons for a 90-day free trial in the Buy- Max Alliance program or visit www.buymax or call 877-428-9629. TSC associations has fi gured out that there is strength in numbers. It is a simple premise to understand, but if yours is not a big company with a lot of buying clout, how do you ensure that you are driving the most profi t to your bottom line? And, what kind of a guarantee might you have that you are really getting the best deal possible? Sometimes, you want a real bulldog on he concept of leveraging one’s purchasing power during ne- gotiations is far from novel. Face it — it’s all about the Deal. You want the deal, so more than $2.7 billion in sales, and has 78 vendor members. The buying group is expanding and an- nounced that beginning Feb. 15, 2010, it will be known as BuyMax Alliance™, an online contractor organization for group buying clout that any independent contractor can take advantage of to enhance their own buying power. Jared Dean, owner and general manager of RhinoRoofi ng and One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Warrenton,Va., said, “If you really use the program, it completely pays the dues for being a member of the Roofers’ Success Group and One Hour. We didn’t really take advantage of BuyMax the fi rst year in, but after realizing what it could do, it was a no-brainer. Now, the fi rst place I go is the BuyMax Website.” “There is a good feeling working with the people at BuyMax. It’s like having a buddy across the counter at the parts center.” –JaredDean,Owner and GM, Rhino Roofi ng and One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating 17

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