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2001, over $530,292,038 in revenue has been generated under the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing name, with over $37,120,442 spent in advertising to build the brand. For HVAC contractors, there is One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating®, which today has 272 franchises and has been named one of the fastest-growing franchises and a member of the Franchise 500®. Since its inception in 2003, over $1,154,236,574 in revenue has been generated under the One Hour Air Condition- ing and Heating name, with over $57,711,828 spent in advertising to build the brand. Each of these branded names is growing rap- idly and creating opportunities for contractors across the nation like JamieCarter fromIndia- napolis. He was fed up with new construction International. For roofi ng contractors, there is Roofers’ Success International. Th rough each of these affinity groups, con- 12 tractors can bypass the school of hard knocks completely and tap into the same tools and strat- egies Clockwork Home Services uses in its own highly successful contracting locations. You re- mainanindependentcontractorwithyourname above the door, but you’re tapped into a system of success that is transforming the industry. Plus, in each group, you’ll join forces with some of the most elite contractors in the nation with a focus on improving customer service, protecting the health and comfort of hom- eowners, creating opportunity for employees, andprofi tingfrom a successfulbusiness. When you are part of these affi nity groups, you’ll rub elbows with the best of the best in the trade. For example, a few years ago, Th e Air Con- ditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News ran a listing of the most successful residential HVAC contractors in the industry. Any ordinary school would have been happy to have a grad- uate or two honored with such a distinction, but of the 21 contractors listed in this ranking, a whopping 17 were part of Clockwork or had used the program in the past! That’s domi- nance when it comes to transforming lives, and it is the No. 1 reason that if you’re looking for the method to improve the results of your business, the answer is Clockwork. Th at’s exactly what Brett Hobson found when he became part of Clockwork Home Services. He was on that list of the most suc- cessful residential contractors. “Using these strategies, my company’s suc- cess has skyrocketed. We’re the biggest HVAC contractor inthe Dallas/Fort Worth area, gener- ating more than $20 million each year at a size- able profi tability, and we plan on our revenues reaching $100million in time,” said Hobson. Hobson’s success has also allowed him to achieve a longstanding dream. “The business now runson autopilot. I have great managers and employees who don’t need me to constantly be there. Th at’s allowed me to pursue another pas- sion of mine — becoming a pilot! Today, I have my license and purchased my own World War II B-52bomber. I call it the Pacifi c Prowler, and I fly it in air shows across the country. Yet none of this would have been possible had I not discovered the knowledge of Clockwork Home Services.” The Branded Name Path In our transient society, brands are power- ful as they deliver the same level of service in place aft er place, and for those contractors who believe that a branded name on their company is what will help them achieve suc- cess in the end, Clockwork proudly offers the opportunity to be part of building the “Mc- Donald’s® of the contracting industry.” For electrical contractors, there is Mister Sparky®,which has beennamed one of the Top New Franchises and already has 91 franchises. Since its inception in 2006, over $78,189,243 in revenue has been generated under the Mis- ter Sparky name with over $5,473,247 spent in advertising to build the brand. For plumbing contractors, there is Ben- jamin Franklin Plumbing®, which today has 253 franchises, and has been named one of the fastest-growing franchises and a member of the Franchise 500®. Since its inception in and came to Clockwork to make the move to residential service.When he did, he found the power of the branded name and transformed his company’s and his family’s future. “Using Clockwork Home Services’ sys- tems and marketing, my plumbing business boomed,” Carter said. “Finally, we were ex- panding like I wanted. We did so well with plumbing that I started an HVAC company, and using the systems, we generated $7 million in sales. Both our plumbing and HVAC divi- sions were creating real wealth for my family.” WINTER 2010 • THE SUCCESSFUL CONTRACTOR

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