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work Home Services off ers contractors so much proven knowledge and success educa- tion that it’s like a College for Contractors. “We focus on providing hard-working contractors with the business edge you re- ally need to thrive in today’s marketplace,” explained Nicholson. “For contractors in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing trades, we off er organizations that can put you on the fast track to success.” To get contractors to succeed faster, Clock- work has analyzed what it takes to run a suc- cessful company from the inside out. These are tried and true, fi eld-tested plans and strat- egies for exactly what works inthe contracting industry, and it’s the education you’ll receive when you become part of Clockwork. In fact, Clockwork holds more than 400 copyrights, 360 trademarks, three patents, and two pend- ing patents on programs they have developed to help contractors succeed. One College for Contractors – Two Paths to Success Every city today has a mix of local businesses and brand names. For every Denny’s®, there is a local diner. Some consumers will pick the experience of the diner, and some will want the familiarity of Denny’s. Both off er valuable service. Both can be successful businesses. And both can help a dedicated business owner achieve the finan- cial and personal success they are seeking. Th at’swhy Clockwork off ers two paths to suc- cess through this College for Contractors. The Affi nity Group Path If you believe remaining independent like the local diner is what’s right for your future, Clockwork off ers elite affinity groups designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed. For HVAC contractors, there is AirTime 500. For plumbing contractors, there is Plumbers’ Success International. For electri- cal contractors, there is Electricians’ Success 11                                                                   

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